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Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail Smoker Kit

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BARHANCE'S COCKTAIL SMOKING KIT: Our drinks smoker kit comes with a smoke infuser, a torch, cleaning brush, mixing spoon, two filters, wood smoker chips (oak and cherry) in a practical, stylish bag to Carry. (Butane Gas not Included)

BRING THE OLD FASHIONED COCKTAIL KIT EXPERIENCE TO YOUR GUESTS: Our cocktail smoker kit with torch, let your friends and relatives to taste the natural flavor of smoky wood in your cocktail mix.

SMOKE YOUR COCKTAIL MIX WITH EASE: Just prepare your smoking gun, mix your drink and put it on the cup, ignite the chips with smoking gun and smoke top the cocktail while slowly shaking. Let it rest a few minutes, and you have your flavored drink ready.

A GREAT GIFT FOR COCKTAILS ENTHUSIASTS OR BARTENDERS: A smoke top cocktail smoker kit for many ocassions, as reunions, parties, dinners and more. Give a whole new taste to a bourbon, whiskey or cocktail mix with the smoky flavor of wood chips.

VERSATILE DRINK or WHISKEY SMOKER KIT: Use our barhance cocktail smoker kit and bring the unique flavor of smoky wood to your bourbon, whiskey or any cocktail mix. Make your reunion or celebration a moment to remember.

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You'll get your Barhance bartending tools in elegant, resistant packages that are perfect for gifts and decorations

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Our bartending kits are made to facilitate the way you make your mixes and recipes. They come with clear instructions to get you in the play in no time.

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Our durable, elegant and easy to use tools can be used for both enthusiasts and professionals at home or a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel and more.

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