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Wood Chips Set

Wood Chips Set

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NATURAL SMOKER WOOD CHIPS BY BARHANCE: Natural wood chips for flavoring cocktail mixes. Excellent for smoke top infuser kits, giving a whole new flavor for your drinks. Make a wood chips gift to a friend.

GREAT GIFT FOR BARTENDERS: Our cocktail smoke chips will be appreciated for professional or enthusiasts of bartending. The natural wood flavor is a fantastic addition to their whiskey or cocktail mixes.

SMOKING CHIPS FOR MANY OCASSIONS: Use them for any occasion, in your kitchen at home, in a bar or at family celebrations, you can use our flavor wood chips to make flavored whiskey, bourbon, cocktails, beverages and more.

SMOKER CHIPS WITH DISTINCTIVE FLAVORS: Enjoy our wood smoking chips variety of flavors: oak, apple, pecan and cherry wood chips. Natural flavor wood chips for cocktail smoker. Smoking wood chips for all tastes.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Quality wood smoker chips for your Cocktail Smoker Kit, take your bartending skills to the next level and bring a memorable experience to your customers, family and friends.

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Because we bring you quality products made for the greatest bartender experience. Our 5 stars ratings confirm it.

How do i receive my products?

You'll get your Barhance bartending tools in elegant, resistant packages that are perfect for gifts and decorations

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Our bartending kits are made to facilitate the way you make your mixes and recipes. They come with clear instructions to get you in the play in no time.

Are Barhance accessories for amateurs or professionals?

Our durable, elegant and easy to use tools can be used for both enthusiasts and professionals at home or a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel and more.

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