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Cork Coaster

Cork Coaster

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A UNIQUE STYLE FOR YOUR TABLE AND DRINKS: Traditional, yet modern design. It will fit with any fashion of kitchen or bar. You can choose between many historical figures and landmarks.

PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE AND GLASSES: Either cold or hot drinks can stain or damage the surface of your table or counter, these useful cork coasters will protect it in a classy and comfortable way.

FOR A GREAT REUNION: The 12 pack assures you won't be out of coasters for your guests. Includes a 7" ice bucket for keeping cold your drinks and a bottle opener for easily sharing beverages with your friends and family.

ABSORBENT AND FLEXIBLE: Preferred among professional bartenders, the cork will absorb the humidity from your glasses and bottles, and gives a soft pad that will not scratch your furniture. Also, its shape allows to stack the coasters for better storing at shelves or drawers.

EXCELLENT GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS: A great present for colleagues, friends or family. Anyone can enjoy using our coasters, will look good in every counter or table, and prevent spills and accidents. The Ice bucket and the bottle opener add value for a dedicated host.


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You'll get your Barhance bartending tools in elegant, resistant packages that are perfect for gifts and decorations

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Our durable, elegant and easy to use tools can be used for both enthusiasts and professionals at home or a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel and more.

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